House Holdbank - Late payment? Paid through online bank pay so couldn't be late

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I have bad this credit card for years.I have charged in it and paid it off more than once.

I always pay more than the the minimum payment. I have it on bill pay at my bank. I don't know how "this" time it's late! I emailed customer services and asked to have the late fee dropped and my interest rate returned to normal.

They refused stating that it is in my agreement that if it is 1 day late a fee is charged and interest rate is increased. Then they oh so kindly included a "friendly reminder" that my payment was due 2/26/13. It's already been paid. I know credit is very important.

I've been working on mine for years. I lost my home my car all the things I had worked for, for years. I built my credit back from bad to good! I know they can help and they choose not.

I think their customer service people suck and this bank sucks! I live paycheck to paycheck like most people do. Raising my interest rate kicked my ***. I know this bank has had problems reported lately.

Know I know why. They don't care about their customers just how bad they can screw them every which way. I won't use this card EVER again. I plan on cutting it up and mailing it to them with my last payment.

And I will complain about this bank to anyone and every site I can find. If I can help 1 person from getting screwed by them I am happy.

In the loss section it only lets you put in $ amount of your losses.Well I lost $35.00 in late charges and an increase in my interest rate, WHICH they haven't disclosed to me.

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House Holdbank - Two cards two payments

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i pay double payments too each card but house holds switchs payment around on cards to make one card short a few bucks so that the can call me for extar payments.along with chargeing me a pentaly Now this month they say that they havent receved one of my payments, when it has aready clear my bank.

both payments where mail togetheri have been through this with them servel times before. now they will have too talk to my lawer.

has any one else been through this with house hold bank.lets get a class action law suite going on this company

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